As many of you know, I am currently running between two sets:  I am shooting a new campaign for Bare Escentuals (Yay!) and the kids are shooting in Ohio for the movie, I Alex Cross.  I am fortunate enough to have a family member that knows the ropes of this business, and has been able to handle all details in my absence.  After arriving on a red-eye, we were off and running within 2 hours.  Ms. Tyson, yes Cicely Tyson, their NANA, decided to take the kids to museum IN CHARACTER.  As I watched their car roll down the street, I realized that this business needs a lot of small pieces to make the big machine work.

As mommy of two actors, my emotions are high, my ability to eat is low, and I am constantly checking my behavior while on set.  Why ?  Because even though my children are well regarded actors, they are my children.  I still worry when they  are away from me.  Ultimately, I feel that it is so important for the key contact people (Directors, Asst. Directors, Production Head, even the drivers) to know who I am.

It is important to establish that we are the parents, and that our kids’ needs come well before the needs of movie making. YES, we will do our best to have our child actor rested, prepared and ready to go for filming.  YES, we will arrive with an attitude of team work and positivity.  And YES, we will put our foot down when needed.

We are our children’s representatives.  That is important.  

 With all that being said, the kids are having a ball!  And with each new project comes a new experience.  Yara had to learn a piano piece- so we bought a used piano!  Ohio has the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and a fantastic science museum!


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